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16 SheGlam Must-Have MakeUp Products That Are Guaranteed Worth It

When it comes to beauty bargains, SheGlam is a name that always seems to sparkle atop wish lists. But with a treasure trove of tantalizing products to choose from, how can you discern what truly deserves attention?

In this post, I selected from the MANY options available, the essential products you need to keep up a good make-up routine.

After countless hours lost in virtual aisles overflowing with glistening goods, I set out on a rigorous mission to separate must-haves from missteps.

First up – a meticulous examination of reviews, both pro and amateur, to compile a comprehensive list of likely legends. Next, I took to rigorous real-world testing, putting each potential pick through its paces over weeks of wear.

Now, I’ll share my meticulously curated personal hall-of-fame picks that stood the test of time. Let’s get into it.

All-In-One Volume & Length Mascara 2 In 1

Its buildable, long-lasting, waterproof formula paired with dual brush options means lashes can be shaped and defined to customize.

This mascara has secured itself a permanent spot in my beauty arsenal.

Fill Me In 2-In-1 Eyebrow Pencil 

Brow perfection at your fingertips – with this dynamic duo, achieve full yet natural-looking arches that endure all day.

The pencil allows for precise shaping and filling thanks to its plant-based formula and silky-smooth texture.

Glaze Daze Lip Gloss

Enriched with skin-loving ingredients like jojoba seed oil, cocoa seed butter and sodium hyaluronate, this gloss drenches lips in hydration that leaves them looking plumped and conditioned.

Also, all of the shades are gorgeous and fit every skin type. Get all of them.

Go Go Glow Highlighting Body Mist

This one was trending on TikTok for a WHILE! And trust me on this, this is gorgeous.

Use it on your face, hair, body, or clothes, basically everywhere.

Sun Sculpt Liquid Contour

A favorite, really. It amazes me how well this one blends. The formula is highly pigmented, super blendable, and long-wearing. I use it every single day.

Skinfinite Hydrating Foundation

THIS one is a must.

It effortlessly enhances your skin’s natural beauty while providing extra moisture and a stunning radiance. Bid farewell to heavy, pore-clogging foundations of the past, because this is it.

Color Bloom Liquid Blush Matte Finish

It has a lightweight gel-cream formula that nourishes your skin and lasts all day.

The sponge tip applicator makes it easy to apply the highly pigmented, matte color, leaving your cheeks looking pretty and plump. Also, can we talk about this color range?

Pout-Perfect Shine Lip Plumper

Oh babes. The glossy finish and vibrant color that this lip plumper has! It is infused with nourishing coconut oil, keeping your lips moisturized without any stickiness. Love that for us!

Line & Define Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Waterproof might be scary if you don’t have a make-up remover, trust me I know. HOWEVER, this one, even waterproof, comes out so nicely with just a cleanser. Honestly, the best.

Sunkissed Body Highlighter

Not gonna lie, I didn’t think this one would be really pigmented, but how WRONG I was! The colors are perfect and it blends so so well, I felt like I took a shower in this.

Chroma-Glow Bloom Liquid Highlighter

This one is for my girls that like something A little bit different. The duo-chrome turns a simple make-up look into something else entirely!

Baked Glow Setting Powder

The basic. A setting powder is a oily face girl’s best friend. The formula is amazing, and it has no talc, amazing.

Like Magic 12Hr Full Coverage Concealer

The first time I bought this one I got the shade wrong (yay!), and the second time too (don’t judge me on this), but I was still able to use both of them. As a highlighter, and as a concealer when I was sunburnt.

Take your time choosing the right color, because this one is a must, the formula is hydrating and blends so well!

Complexion Boost Concealer

The same formula as the one above, but the applicator is better imo. Be careful with the amount, because this thing covers years and years of living.

Lock’d In Setting Spray Mattifying Effect

One of my favorites, I use it everyday. I bought it to go to a show that I would be up and dancing for hours on end. And let me tell you, this didn’t let me down.

Good Grip Hydrating Primer Oil Control

Remember the ELF Power Grip primer? This one is better, and I couldn’t believe it myself. Try it out, your makeup sticks for-ever.

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