About Me

Hey there, let me introduce myself real fast!

I’m a 23-year-old gal who’s all about soaking up life’s quirks and wonders. First things first, cats are my jam – their sassy independence and soft purrs make life all the more colorful. Books? They’re my escape capsules. Whether I’m lost in a mystery or traveling through fantasy realms, you’ll find me nose-deep in a book most of the time. Writing is my way of navigating this crazy world, giving shape to my thoughts and stories.

Recently, I’ve been hit by the bug of skincare, fashion, perfumes, and personal development. Blame it on my psychology studies – they’ve opened my eyes to the beauty of self-improvement and self-expression. Life’s a journey, and I’m all in. So, join me in this whirlwind of passions, as I chase words and personal growth. It’s a ride worth taking, and I’m stoked to have you along for it.

With love, Giovanna