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Spring Nails: 11 Ideas You’re Going to Love in 2024

Brrr, winter – don’t let the door hit you on the way out! As Old Man Winter waves goodbye, it’s time to usher in a new season of possibilities with the freshest spring 2024 nail trends.

No more gloomy grays – these sunny styles are all about embracing your inner rainbow. Pastels? Done. Neons? We stan. Or keep it klassy with crisp neutrals, if that’s more your vibe.

Feeling basic or feeling brave? We’ve got the cutest nail inspo to set your fingers blooming! Classic French tips? Ground control to major cute. Funky gradients? Be a color-changing chameleon.

Spring is here, and so is the return of your nail game. Scroll for the seasonal vibes that’ll have even the frostiest of fingers feeling frisky. The possibilities are polka-dot endless – so claim your color and let the self-expression begin!

Lilac Pastel Colors

Delicate lavender, periwinkle and baby pink shades evoke images of spring blooms. These soft, dreamy colors are perfect for those seeking a minimalist manicure that brightens mood. This one is IN as a spring nail trend.

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Groovy gradients in blues, pinks and yellows create tie-dye effects reminiscent of days spent laidback in the summer sun. A fun, carefree choice for free spirits, perfect for a spring nail trend.

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Subtle or dramatic, ombré nails change hue from base to tip like a colorful chameleon. Seamless blending makes for a show-stopping look that’s never boring.

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High-shine hues in rose gold, mint or baby blue create an eye-catching manicure without much effort. Sleek and statement-making, these are a go-to for 9-5 glam.

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Fresh blooms like daisies, roses or peonies lend a sweet, feminine touch. Whimsical watercolor petals and leaves add natural beauty. This is the perfect spring nail design, what more can you ask than flowers for spring?

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Reversed French Tip

The classic French gets an update with colors swapped – white tips on colorful bases. Unexpected yet elegant for rule-breakers.

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French Tip Revisited

Timeless tips and bases reimagined with modern twists – think negative space or mixed patterns. A new spin on a tried-and-true favorite.

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Hearts and Hearts

Red hearts, pink polka dots – anything goes with this love-filled look. Cute cartoon hearts and shapes spread good vibes.

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Sage Green Variations

Moody mint, emerald and olive tones are tranquil like a lush forest. Earthy and calming for grounded souls.

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Color Palette

Layer, blend and mix brights to create your own custom color story. Limited only by imagination!

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Fun Minimalist Designs

Negative space, geometric lines and subtle accents let natural nails shine. Understated elegance for low-key days

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